ECom Premier Academy is a learning platform for newbies who are stepping in the world of Ecommerce.

This platform will train in such a way that you will start making as much money as you can via Shopify store.

This webinar and video training is a powerful source for those who are new to the biggest ecommerce platform known as Shopify.

The first training session of ECom Premier Academy earned a huge response due to numerous success stories and hence they planned to launch a three days training session for newbies.



About Author Devin Zander

The ECom Premier Academy led by three competent people; Devin Zander, Robert Nava & Justin Taylor.

Devin Zander is specialized in Affiliate marketing & owns the position of Marketing Manager in the institution.

Robert Nava & Justin Taylor contributes their part in making webinar more efficient and informative.

These authors guarantee that after registering in this course you can live a life for what you are dreaming till now.

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About the Product “eCom premier Academy”

The 2nd session of E-commerce training program will be launching on 10th of November 2015 only for three days.

Due to the first session of ECom Premier Academy review there are more than 100,000 People inspired by these deliverables.

In the training session, you will learn an easier way to manage your online stores with specifically designed tools and make as much money as you can.

This time, the session won’t be limited to tools and training, but you can get an access to communicate the marketing and online store Mastermind.

You can also get 02 free tickets for the live session in FL, where you can meet & learn something beyond the limit by the presence of the best experts in this industry.

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Main Benefits of eCom Premier Academy

There are limitless benefits by registering yourself into the 2nd session of eCom Premier Academy training which are:

• You can get lifetime access to our Facebook Mastermind – This will definitely help you out in running your e-store by communication and asking for help with mastermind whenever you want.
• 2 Weeks Boot Camp – After completing the session of training you will get a chance to learn and work with the team which will empower your credibility under their master’s supervision.
• Provision of 02 Ready Made for your store – eCom premier Academy team also offers 02 ready made for their customers by which they can professionally build their stores and earn as much profit as then can.
• Help in Accomplishing your Target – The team will help their customers till the end in shipping and dispatching phase of their stores to make it simplest & easiest.
• Design Apps – In order to make the customers store more efficient they will help them out in designing mobile apps so that their customers can easily access the product which they have in stores.
• Case Studies – The support team will never leave the customers alone after completing the session & will conduct case studies session so that they can improvise their stores further.

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Pros & Cons

  • This training is a Step-by-step video training, suitable for all levels (beginners/intermediate/advanced marketers)
  • Adapted to tech newbies. All tools and apps are provided.
  • Great support team and really active forum.
  • Possible to implement and get results in less than two weeks!
  • In this eCo Premier Academy session, Robert & Justin will reveal their success stories to motivate you.
  • They also offer their customer prizes which vary from 3000$ to 250$.
  • Possibility to get a refund during 30-days.

The only con of this session is that it will only be open for three days.

So grab your copy now before it is too late!



In the eCom Premier Academy, you will gat a proven traffic strategy to generate targeted traffic to your Shopify store.

To perfectly complete this course, we would like to offer you our Special Bonus Package “eCom Untapped Traffic Sources”

#1 Untapped Traffic Source: Pinterest


In this program, you will discover how to use this major social platform to generate unlimited free traffic to your website!

With 2 millions daily active users, Pinterest is actually the second overall source of traffic to Shopify stores.

Pinterest traffic is constantly growing and the Pinterest users are actual buyers!

#2 Untapped Traffic Source: …

Your special Bonus Package contains a second program, with one more free giant traffic source to get clients to your e-shop.


Ask your special Bonus Package NOW:

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  3. Your Special Bonus Package will be sent to you within 24 hours!



According to ECom Premier Academy reviews by customers of 1st edition, you will never ever learn such level of expert training from any other source.

For proper awareness and learning ecommerce tactics of Shopify store, you should definitely come to attend this session by paying a certain amount.